Spatial Alchemy is a book that dives deep into the artistic process of Philippe Petit. The book acts as a visual guide through the planning, practicing and execution of the amazing high wire feat. Accompanying the book is a spatial interactive piece and printed matter.

Book Design
Installation Design
Printed Matter

_Mentor: Brad Bartlett
_Mentor: Miles Mazzie
_Mentor: Ivan Cruz


Tales of an autodidact

Spatial Alchemy Book

Included in the book is 272 pages backstory, planning the heist,
and through the high wire act in 1974.


Spatial Alchemy Installation

This installation turns the user into a performer for the audience around them. The performer is engaged on a levitated surface giving a sense of the high wire act as well as acting as a human scrubber for the visuals projected around them.


Spatial Alchemy Printed Matter

Two sets of printed mater. One, a poster set promoting the book event. The other, an interactive poster set up with provocations and a reactive graphic element.


Selected Works

Spatial AlchemyBook Design, Installation, Printed Matter